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John Allen Fertic I John Allen Fertic, pictured here, is the Grand Sire of one branch of the Fertic Family. He was born February 3, 1860 in Hamilton County, FL., and died August 9, 1951 in Seffner, Hillsborough County, FL. He fathered 12 Children: 7 Daughters and 5 Sons.

John Allen liked to spend time outdoors. He was known to spend days, weeks and even months in the woods. His walking cane was made from the seed pod of a cabbage palm. Fertic is only one of the many spellings used for the Fertic family name. Others include Furtick, Fertich, Furtic, Fortig, Fertig, and possibly other similar spellings. Thank you for visiting our Site!

A Fertic Note

Buddy Fertic and GirlsPlease note that there are many spellings of this family name. You might have a name like Fertig, Fortig, and Fertick, Fertich, Furdig, as well as other similar names and still have ancestral links to this family. We are interested in any genealogical information you might provide. Our goal is to maintain the accuracy of this site and you can help by reviewing the Family Tree pages for mistakes or omissions. Also, please advise us of any births or deaths among the family members. Details such as dates and locations would be appreciated. Use the Contact link to notify us of changes.

Information for this site was compiled by William Edward (Buddy) Fertic, Jr. 1936-2009, pictured here with his granddaughters Brandy and Shelby. This site is dedicated with love to his memory.